Well...this page is basically just a page of links. Each of the links located on the home page will take you to a sub page. The sub page contains more links. In case you can't tell, each sub page has a theme, in one way or another.

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Places to go from here:

  • Songs - If you want to listen to some songs from diff pages, this is a good source.
  • Poems - This is mostly a collection of my own poems, but I'm hoping to also have other peoples poems here as well.
  • Cute Stuff - This is mostly links to pages for cartoons and stuff, hence the name "Cute Stuff".
  • FanFiction - For Sailor Moon and Star Wars FanFic links, this is where all the sites I have can be found.
  • Fantasy - The realm of magic and mythical creatures, it's a great place to go. ^_^ Enjoy!
  • Sports - If you like sports, check this link out. And yes, wrestling is a sport! It's entertainment - all sports are entertainment!
  • Multimedia - Songs, movies, desktop add ones - you'll find them all here, well for certain shows anyway.
  • More Links - The name says it all, here you will find more places to go.

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