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Pages I've Made

Slacker Info - This page is what I like to consider my pride and joy (next to the one you're at now, of course). Lots of neat stuff to look, so please stop by and take a look.

Pages Friend's of Mine Have Made

Just to let you know - most, if not all, of these pages are now dead. So, you can look if you want, but I'm not sure which links are still good.
Jedite and Sailor Mars's Homepage - Lot's of pics here, everyone involved with this page works very hard on it, please stop by and take a look.
The Writers Lair - This is Alan's page, it's a baby page so it's in the very early stages of production. Don't expect a whole lot there at the moment, but in time it will have a lot of cool stuff, so stop by and take a look.
Sheer Lunacy! - A Nitpicker's Guide To The Sailor Moon Universe - Well, the title's kinda self explanatory, just go there and check it out for yourself, easiest thing to do.
TIFMONK"S PAGE-O-STUFF - This page proudly belongs to Yin-sis! Stop by and take a look she's got a lot of cool stuff there.
|| to feel your heart beating fast || - This is Achicka's page, she's a good friend of mine. Stop by and take a look, it's a really neat page.
Pluto (M)'s Rockin' Homepage! - This is the webpage of a friend of mine, good page with great links.
Joan's Domain - A friend of mine from HS. Please, stop by and take a look, it's a very nice page.
Nephlite's Home Page - Really cool page, lots of cool stuff and links, stop by and take a look.
Erika's Hut - It's a cute page, very nice, stop by and see for yourself.
Anime, Wicca, Magick, Celtic music, Video Games - Krystal's page, really neat, and lots of cool links.

On-Line Purchasing - A great place to go to see all the SW merchandise available now. - Great source for books and what not.
Barnes and Noble - Books, lots of books.
Playmobil Products - The fun world of Playmobile ^_^
LEGO Shop - The wonderful world of Lego's, does more need to be said?
Toys "R" Us - Yep, you can buy stuff on-line from Toys "R" Us.


Samurai Pizza Cats homepage - This is a nice little page so - enjoy!
The Unofficial Voltron Force Homepage - I'm pretty sure this page has info on both the 3D and original, if it doesn't again I say - I'm sorry I lied to you about that.

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