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Okay, most of these songs are midi's. All of them came from someplace else. Just so I don't get in trouble, I will tell you where that place was. I will give credit where credit is due. None of this belongs to me, well, this particular page does, and the words on the page, but none of the links do.

Anyway, on with the show..err...music!

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These particular songs all come from one source, a page called The Golden Rose. (page no longer in existance) It's a very nice page, if you're looking for Sailor Moon fanfiction, she writes great stuff, stop by and vist. She also has great fanart.
Again - This is a nice song by Janet Jackson I believe.
Butterfly - a good song from Mariah Carey.
Lady In Red - I've forgotten who the artist of this song is, but it is a good song.
Best For Last - No idea, not a clue as to who the artist of this one is, but like all the others a good song.
Nobody Knows - I used to know who the artist was, but now it's gone.
For You I Will - Great song by Monica.
Journey To The Past - A good song from "Anastasia"(hope I spelled that right).
Remember - I know nothing about this song.
Crazy For You - Good song by Madonna, one of the songs she did back in the 80's.

All these songs came from King's Quest VI Walkthrough (page no longer in existance) if you're ever playing this game and get stuck, this is a good place to go for a hint or two if you need to.
Girl In The Tower - Really nice song, enjoy it.
Dem Bones - Nice little tune, it's cute.
Flower Dance - This is also a nice little tune, it to is cute.

I found these at Icy Brian's RPG Page (page no longer in existance) this page also has songs from the "Final Fantasy" games, as well as FanFiction from CT and FF.
Chrono Trigger
Chrono Cross
Chrono Trigger Main Theme Lena on the Beach
Touching Theme Lizard Grotto
Exciting Theme Overworld Theme
Heoric Theme Primal Forest Theme
Robo's Theme Serge's Village Theme
Prehestoric Battle Theme
Magus Battle Theme
Zeal Palace Theme
Chrono Trigger Ending Theme

Any song suggestions? Keep in mind, that there's no chance in hell I'd be able to compose any of this, so it will already have to be on the net or you can put it there. If you want me to put up a song that's already on the net or one you put up, e-mail the addy to local_alchemist@hotmail.com.
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