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Letting Go - In this pic, it looks to me as if they're saying goodbye or something. In which case it works.
Shattered Dreams - I thought this pic was good, because it looked dreamish and stuff.
Waiting... - I don't know if the image I chose for this poem fits very well, but I figured it was a nice one.
How Will I know? - Again, I'm not sure if the pic fits it, but it is nice. Let me know what you think, okay? Thanks ^_^
Time - I thought this pic fit well b/c the person in it is the guardian of the gate of time. It may take a while to load though.
Wondering - It looks to me as if she's either wondering or worrying about something, either way it seemed to fit.
When The Time Comes - It's not really true anymore, but it is a good poem so I figured I should post it.
Have I Let Go? - Again, not really true anymore but a good poem. I'm not sure if this pic fits, let me know if it does, 'kay?
Do I Love Him? - I think the pic fits well, it seems that she's thinking about something.
Lost Friendship? - This pic looks nice, the person looks a little sad and seems to be in deep thought.
I Dream... - I thought this pic seemed to fit the words of the poem nicely.
The Perfect Guy - This is only my opinion, it may be different from yours (especially if you're a guy).
Life isn't A Fairy Tale - The name is rather self-explanatory, let me know what you think of it...if you want to that is.
Confused - I'm not sure what to say about this one, you'll just have to read it for yourself.
What If... - Just some ponderings from the inside of my thoughts.
Dreams - This is one I found on my disk when I was editing the site. *shrugs* Better late than never.
Does He Know? - I don't know how to describe this, though going by the title the topic of the poem is probably easy to figure out.
Why? - Just some inner wonderings about a few things.

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